May 4, 2023

BioPhorum membership and the benefits of being part of the Supply Partner Phorum.

Venair, a company in the biopharmaceutical industry, joined BioPhorum during the Covid-19 pandemic to support increased demand for vaccine production, which was a significant milestone for the company. Since joining, Venair has undertaken various initiatives, such as launching a new corporate branding campaign, opening new production facilities, and improving their product development and sales force.

Talk between Nasim Adnan Moucharrafie, Director of the Biotech Division at Venair Group with BioPhorum, about its BioPhorum membership and the benefits of being part of the Supply Partner Phorum.

What led you to join BioPhorum?

This small company has leveraged various tools from BioPhorum to improve its products and operations. By being part of BioPhorum, the company gains access to valuable industry insights and best practices, such as the minimum time between purchase order and delivery. I have benefits of being part of BioPhorum and it helps the company to be more effective and achieve its goals.

How have you benefited from the Supply Partner Phorum?

Venair has benefited from integrating BioPhorum tools. Being part of the Phorum provides valuable insights into industry-wide conditions and helps to identify effective actions. The company can learn about industry consensus and gain knowledge, such as the minimum time between a purchase order and delivery discussed at a Phorum meeting.

How would you define your involvement and expectations in the future?

The benefits from being a BioPhorum member as it provides unique insights into the biopharmaceutical industry. The company values the opportunity to directly ask end-users about their needs to improve their products and services.

What’s the main benefit of your experience with BioPhorum?

The importance of building personal relationships in business success. Spending time with peers and customers is necessary to determine if they are the right fit for a business relationship. BioPhorum's face-to-face meetings provide opportunities to build trust, learn, and succeed in the industry.

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